ODNR Vists Patriot Water Treatment as Company Continues Legal Fight

From the Tribune Chronicle:
WARREN - The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Tuesday finally accepted Patriot Water Treatment's invitation to visit the business. 
Patriot owner Andrew Blocksom said he has been inviting representatives from that agency and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to tour the site with him since the business opened and the controversy surrounding its brine disposal began last year. 
The debate continues over Patriot's method of pre-treating natural gas drilling wastewater, called brine, before sending it to Warren's Water pollution Control Center for further treatment and disposal into the Mahoning River. 
This week, the ODNR inspector told them he was at Patriot under the direction of ODNR Management, Patriot's attorney, April Bott of Bott Law Group in Dublin, said. 
The visit came following a ruling last week by the Environmental Review Appeals Commission, or ERAC, that made it clear that brine disposal must solely be regulated by ODNR, agency Communications Director Carlo LoParro said Wednesday. 
Despite the ERAC ruling, which Patriot has viewed as favorable to their operations, LoParro said ODNR maintains that the frack fluid that Patriot treats must be disposed of in a class II injection well or Patriot must apply for a new technology permit from ODNR.
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