Fracktivists Incite Fear of Water Shortages From Drilling

From KERA News:
Environment Texas wants the Legislature to stop water hogs. The group says that includes gas drillers.
At an event in Fort Worth, Luke Metzger with Environment Texas said two-thirds of Texas water is used by agriculture and energy. He says many power plants use outdated technology and a lot of water for cooling, and gas drillers on the Barnett Shale use millions of gallons for hydraulic facturing. Environment Texas wants lawmakers to require natural gas drillers to recycle that fracking water.
“It takes about 4.5 million gallons to frack a single well. Statewide, we estimated about 25 billion gallons of water were used last year for fracking; including about 2.8 billion in Tarrant County alone,” Metzger said.
Metzger says most all of the contaminated fracking water is sealed away forever in deep disposal wells. He says after last summer’s record-setting and damaging drought, no one should be allowed to waste water.
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