Today's Links - Teachers Indoctrinating Children to Be Fracktivists, Marietta Seismic Testing, Odd Journalism Awards, EPA in Wonderland, and More

A teacher ingrains the gospel of Josh Fox into her students, teaching Gasland as the final truth on natural gas development.

A nice explanation of seismic testing as it goes on in Marietta.

Reporter who is suing the natural gas industry wins a journalism award for her articles on...natural gas drilling.  Awarding massive conflicts of interest - that's how the "Society of Environmental Journalists" rolls.

The EPA fines oil companies for failing to use a fuel that doesn't exist.

Fracktivists with British accents sound off.

Another poorly written article on the dangers of fracking.

Shale oil, tight oil, oil shale...what do they all mean?

Mansfield, Pennsylvania is thriving due to shale development.  Meanwhile, Mansfield, Ohio is facing economic struggles as it continues to resist fracking.

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