Yet Another Article Offers to Explain the Truth About Fracking

From the Center for Industrial Progress:
Land and business owners in Broome County, New York filed a lawsuit to lift a two-year ban on oil and gas drilling. They would like to benefit from the creation of jobs and prosperity. So would the members of two landowners’ coalitions representing over 1300 families who own a combined 31,000 acres. Lifting the ban would restore their right as property owners to develop their land as they see fit. 
Meanwhile, in what could only be described as a comedy of errors, a North Carolina Democratic senator accidentally voted in favor of a bill which would begin the process of allowing hydraulic fracturing to occur by as early as 2014 . Representative Carney’s inability to pick between a red or green button has the benefit of allowing North Carolinians the opportunity to utilize an advanced technology developed and fined-tuned over the past 60 years by brilliant scientists and engineers. It is a technology now revolutionizing oil and gas production. 
In North Dakota, a state with a 3% unemployment rate, the labor shortage is so great that businesses are now employing international students here on four-month work and travel visas. While many states have from 6-10% unemployment rates and are eagerly looking for government bail-outs and stimulus packages, North Dakota has benefited from the ultimate stimulus, high degrees of economic freedom. Unfortunately but unsurprisingly, the State Department is now “looking into” this situation. U.S. business owners, desperate for employees, should be allowed to employ these willing people. 
Although hydraulic fracturing has been around for over 60 years, as evident from the articles above, some people are just now hearing about it, and some of them want it stopped. It’s become a loud and public conflict. The safety of ground water is purportedly the main concern. These entrenched pressure groups are wielding the power of government to enact wide-spread bans, moratoriums and costly legislation, which is destroying jobs and raising energy costs. 
To understand how big a threat these anti-fracturing groups are, we need to understand the magnitude of the role that hydraulic fracturing plays in U.S. energy production. The uninformed hold signs that say “Stop Fracking,” yet few have an answer for the fact that 1.2 million hydraulically fractured wells have not yielded a single documented case of well water contamination. This is not information from an oil and gas sector annual report. This is the opinion among the regulators who oversee the industry. Not one contaminated aquifer.  Propaganda pieces like the oft-quoted “Gasland” have protesters screeching falsehoods. Reality, apparently, cannot dissuade them to leave behind their hatred of the oil industry and fear of technology. But it’s important for the rest of us to understand what a ban would look like.
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