PA Resident Says the Horror Stories About Fracking Don't Hold Up to Observation

From PressConnects:
New York already has a gas drilling demonstration area. It's called Pennsylvania. Drilling happens closer to Broome County than most places in Pennsylvania. Geology doesn't stop at the border. 
Contamination of water wells by fracking fluid has never occurred in Pennsylvania. This is not disputed by scientists or regulators no matter what anti-gas activists claim. Methane can be found in water wells in places where fracking has never taken place. 
Drilling has proven much, much safer than, say, driving. Do we ban cars because accidents happen? And driving is a privilege, not a right. Drilling is an engineering process. Like any engineering process, fracking techniques and technologies change, evolve and improve. Risk goes down, not up. 
I routinely drive through the back roads of northern Pennsylvania. The roads do get damaged by the heavy trucks associated with the gas industry, just like they get damaged by tough winter weather, milk trucks, and school buses. The difference is that the gas companies get the roads fixed. I encourage anyone to drive over the roads south of Wyalusing that have been widened, smoothed and resurfaced with funds from the gas companies. Look at the new houses on old farms; see the new pickup trucks in the driveways and new tractors in the fields. See the corn growing? I just can't seem to find the devastation and destruction we keep getting told is sure to be our fate. 
Assumptions, speculation and "concerns" about gas drilling are not facts; they aren't even evidence. They obscure the facts and distort the truth. Fear and ignorance are not sufficient excuses to indefinitely suspend constitutionally protected property rights.
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