Tuesday, January 21, 2014

UK Prime Minister Says Fracktivists Are Being Irrational

UK prime minister David Cameron appeared before a liaison committee and made a case for getting on board with shale development.  He also called out fracking activists for taking an extreme stance against not just shale gas, but against all carbon-based fuels.

From The Guardian:
"There are some people who are opposing shale because they simply can't bear the thought of another carbon-based fuel being used in our energy mix. I think that is irrational because it's surely better for us to be extracting shale safely from our country rather than paying a large price for it being imported from around the world.
"I think why some people are so religiously opposed to it is because they just don't want to see any carbon-based energy work, but I don't think that's helpful."
Those sentiments have been expressed many times, by many people, throughout the shale gas/shale oil/hydraulic fracturing debate here in the U.S.  As has been clearly demonstrated, though, both sides of the debate have dug in their heels and no argument is likely to change their minds, no matter how rational or science-based it may be.

You can read the rest of the article about Cameron's comments here.

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