Thursday, January 23, 2014

Film Festival Chooses to Show Gasland Part 2 and Censor FrackNation

From Power Line:
The Frozen River Film Fest in Winona, Minnesota, has canceled a scheduled showing of FrackNation, a pro-fracking documentary. The cancellation, which the festival organizers concede is an instance of viewpoint-based censorship, has gotten some publicity:
The documentary, FrackNation, was scheduled to be shown alongside Gasland Part 2, a factually suspect film attacking hydraulic fracturing as environmentally destructive.
The showing of the anti-fracking film is, of course, going forward.
“We definitely had a lot of discussions about it with our board, with some people in our community wanting to see FrackNation, other people wanting to see Gasland Part II,” said Kathy Florin, assistant director of the Frozen River Film Festival.
However, festival organizers announced on Friday that its FrackNation screening had been cancelled.
They cited allegations that FrackNation’s creators have ties to the oil and gas industry [Ed.: Untrue] and said they had reneged on an agreement to speak at the screening, which the filmmakers say is also untrue.
You can read the whole article here. 

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