Thursday, January 30, 2014

Article Asks When Ohio Will Start Seeing the Expected Lift from Utica Shale Drilling

From The Columbus Dispatch:
A debate over job creation and the economic benefits of eastern Ohio’s Utica shale boom has continued unresolved since drilling and fracking began in late 2010. 
Oil and gas industry officials predicted in September 2011 that the growing effort to tap oil and gas in the Utica shale would lead to more than 200,000 new jobs in four years. 
So far, that has not panned out, even in the counties with the most drilling activity. 
For example, Carroll County’s job market is still below pre-recession levels based on two key measures. In November, the county had 12,800 employed residents and an unemployment rate of 7.6 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In November 2007, the county had 13,100 employed residents and an unemployment rate of 5.7 percent. 
Carroll County is the center of shale drilling in eastern Ohio. Its employment statistics are similar to those in other counties where shale drilling is underway. The figures are based on where people live, so short-term workers from outside are not included.

You can read the entire article here. 

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