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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

PA College Goes Against its "Image" By Considering Oil and Gas Lease

From Shale Reporter:
Now, the school touted in the Princeton Review’s guide to green colleges as a leader of environmental friendliness, is talking about leasing land for “fracking,” the horizontal drilling technique used to get gas from shale.
Even more surprising is that the most likely place is in the Bousson Environmental Research Reserve, 283 acres of university-owned land. It is part of the Bousson Forest, which sits atop the Utica Shale.
There is no offer on the table yet, but gas leasing companies expressed interest late last year, and the school is trying to head off controversy. It may become a model for handling the issue on campuses across the state.
Allegheny College has tried to avoid some of the tension around the subject on campus by creating a group of faculty members, students and alumni to help the school navigate a discussion of drilling.
But many students PublicSource talked with aren’t buying the arguments for fracking.
Annie Krol, 23, said she chose to attend Allegheny because of its green reputation.
“It shocked me that we would consider subsidizing fossil fuels,” Krol said. “It’s not in line with our image.”
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