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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Article Says New CEO at Chesapeake Makes Company a Good Long-Term Investment

From Seeking Alpha:
Now that he is in place, in the near term he has to deal with cutting back on debt and continuing to divest of assets to help deal with it. The efficiencies at Anadarko point to him being up to that part of the job.
Over the long haul, because Lawler does have international experience in getting deals done, we could start to see him enter into some oil deals. He may surprise us short-term, but the finances of the company make that less probable.
Even if he does though, it would be surprising to see a deal made involving any major debt. The exception to that would be one that would immediately add to the bottom line of the company. It would have to be exceptional to make sense in the short term.
The bottom line is Chesapeake needed a more conservative CEO that would take the company down a more conventional path. They have that in Lawler, and once the drag of the debt load is lightened, along with adding more oil assets under its belt, Chesapeake will be positioned strongly for the long haul.
Read the whole article, which breaks down the factors that likely led to the choice of Lawler, by clicking here.

What do you think?  Is this a good choice for Chesapeake Energy?

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