Friday, April 12, 2013

What Would It Mean for Youngstown if Anti-Drilling Measure is Passed by Voters?

From EID Ohio:
The proposed Youngstown Community Bill of Rights, on which the community will vote on May 4th, offers more questions than answers.  The charter amendment, which was written by Frack Free Mahoning, is actually a hodgepodge of feel good language, all of which lacks any understanding of what the bill actually enforces.  The group was able to dupe enough unsuspecting residents of Youngstown to get this measure on the ballot in order to further its less than noble cause against not just the oil and gas industry, but most other businesses that operate in the city.
Not only is the measure trying to kill business in Youngstown, but there is also a provision in the ballot that actually tries to circumvent Ohio law and even the U.S. Constitution.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The authors of this bill actually think they can circumvent and even restrict constitutional authority. If that sounds outlandish, it is.  More on that later.
Luckily, there are groups in Youngstown who saw through this smoke and mirrors and are fighting back against this harmful measure.
To fully understand the potential ramifications of the proposed language, Energy In Depth decided to look through the language and offer an analysis on some of these new “Community Rights” that the measure would enshrine into law.
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