Monday, April 22, 2013

Water Well Drillers Back Fracking as a Safe Process

From the Times Herald-Record:
Sure, the folks who might drill wells for natural gas know that many people say fracking will pollute the water we drink.
Not true, say those drillers.
So why the bad rep?
"Because of uneducated people and bad information," says Mike Frey, a certified water-well driller from Salisbury Mills and president of the Empire State Water Well Drillers Association, which met at the Town of Wallkill's Holiday Inn this weekend.
He added:
"Our mission statement is to provide and protect the ground water resources of New York. We're all environmentalists."
Frey was one of the drillers from across the state who gathered at a site in the town Friday to watch a demonstration of water-well drilling. That's a much smaller, less intrusive process than the horizontal gas extraction method of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which uses a mixture of sand and chemicals to fracture underground shale and extract the gas — often far from the drill site.
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