Monday, April 22, 2013

Tribeca Film Festival Bans Group of Farmers From Gasland II Premiere


A group of at least 20 farmers, some who woke at 4:30 a.m. in order to travel to Manhattan for a Tribeca Film Festival screening of Gasland Part II, were barred from seeing the film after questioning celebrity anti-fracking director Yoko Ono, according to filmmaker Phelim McAleer.

Festival security officials allegedly blocked the farmers from entering, and soon area police officers reportedly arrived to make sure none of the farmers could enter.
Some of the farmers, said McAleer, had yelled tough questions at both Gasland Part II director Josh Fox and anti-fracking advocate Yoko Ono as they walked the red carpet before the 3:30 p.m. screening. Both films insist the process of fracking poses an environmental hazard that far outweighs its power-producing benefits. McAleer told Breitbart News that the tough questions apparently convinced festival officials to prevent them from seeing the actual film.
"Any farmer who had the temerity to question Yoko Ono or Josh Fox wasn’t allowed in," McAleer says. "These film festivals want to be edgy, they want to be controversial and they want people to be passionate about film ... but they only want a certain kind of passionate people."
McAleer was also banned from entering the theater for the screening, despite having a press pass and a ticket.  The film festival released a statement that the theater was simply full, but the video disproves that by showing them stating that they "just don't feel comfortable letting them into the movie."

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