Friday, April 12, 2013

Ohio's Oil and Gas Prospects on Display at North American Prospect Expo

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
James Milleson has 13,000 acres in Ohio to get off his hands. 
Then step right up to Mr. Milleson's booth, set up through today on the convention center floor Downtown under cutout letters bearing his company's promise and name: Ohio Acres 4 U. 
The company represents landowners across Ohio who want to lease their land to gas drillers, and Mr. Milleson found himself surrounded by potential buyers at the North America Prospect Expo, an annual gathering of oil and gas companies interested in swapping, selling or buying industry assets -- on the spot. 
The NAPE East, held for the first time in the Marcellus region this week at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, is a giant bazaar for gas companies peddling their wares, be they a thousand acres in Ohio or pipeline right-of-way access in West Virginia. There are investment houses to finance the deals and law firms on hand to officiate the new pairings. 
NAPE conferences maintain a special mystique in the oil and gas industry -- the concentration of so many dealmakers ready to trade millions gives the convention floor a stock exchange energy, or at least seems to foster more conversations held out of earshot.
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