Tuesday, April 16, 2013

He's Back - Aubrey McClendon Sets Up Shop Two Weeks After Chesapeake Departure

From Power Play:
Just two weeks after leaving Chesapeake Energy, former CEO Aubrey McClendon appears to be moving full steam ahead with multiple new business ventures, at least two of them energy related.
As The Oklahoman first  reported, McClendon has leased out the sixth floor of the Harvey Parkway building at 301 NW 63, just a few blocks away from Chesapeake’s main campus. He also has registered at least two new companies in the state of Oklahoma, Arcadia Capital LLC  and McClendon Energy Operating LLC.
The entity American  Energy Partners LP was also registered on the same day as McClendon Energy Operating by the law firm of former Chesapeake Energy director and long-time McClendon friend Shannon Self, records show.
McClendon has thus positioned himself to strike back at Chesapeake, and he's taken some of their braintrust with him.  Read the rest of the article here. 

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