Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Environmentalists Not Excited About Impending Release of Federal Fracking Rules

From Politico:
Environmentalists fear the oil and gas industry has the Obama administration’s ear as the government prepares to release a new draft rule to govern fracking on federal lands. 
Though the Interior Department has yet to release an official draft, each subsequent leaked version contains less of what environmental groups want, the activists say, taking the rule further away from its potential of setting strict standards for the industry.

The speculation might soon be over, though, as former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar told a House Appropriations subcommittee on Thursday that “the rule is imminent, and I expect that my successor will be announcing it in the very near future.” New Secretary Sally Jewell was sworn in Friday.“What we see is every step of the way, these rules are getting weaker,” said Fran Hunt, senior Washington representative for the Sierra Club’s Beyond Natural Gas campaign. 
The Interior Department declined Friday to comment on the environmental groups’ complaints.
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