02/06/17 Links of the Day: Rover Pipeline Approved, Trump to Slice Up EPA, and More

Time.com:  Trump to Slash the EPA's Workforce and Budget: Official   -   "The former head of President Donald Trump's transition team at the Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday he expects the new administration to seek significant budget and staff cuts. Myron Ebell said in an interview with The Associated Press that Trump is likely to seek significant reductions to the agency's workforce — currently about..."

Reuters:  Oil Slips as More U.S. Drilling Revives Glut Concerns   -   "Oil prices fell on Monday as news of another weekly increase in U.S. drilling activity had oil forecasters concerned that production cuts from other producing nations may not reduce the global supply glut as much as had been hoped. Global benchmark Brent crude oil prices settled down 29 cents at..."

Marcellus Drilling News:  List of Gas Plants, Pipelines Targeted by Sierra Club   -   "The nutjobs at the Sierra Club have done us the favor in identifying their next targets: 409 natural gas-fired electric plants and 83 pipeline projects either under construction or planned. We have both full lists below. (Handy lists for those who want to sell something to the builders of those projects!) Global warming nuttery has..."

CNBC:  Trump May Have Just Opened the Door to $17 Billion Worth of Energy Projects   -   "By easing the approval process for infrastructure programs, President Donald Trump may have resurrected a number of other oil and gas projects that were languishing..."

The Duquesne Duke:  Professor Gets Grant for Wells Tests Near Fracking Sites   -   "Residents of southwest Pennsylvania can learn if their well water has been contaminated by fracking operations for free — all thanks to a Duquesne professor and his students. John Stolz, director of Duquesne’s Center for Environmental Research and Education, received a $48,000 award from the Heinz Endowments earlier..."

EcoWatch:  Lawsuit Launched Over Fracking in Wayne National Forest   -   "Conservation groups filed a notice of intent to sue the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Thursday over invalid and outdated Endangered Species Act approvals of oil and gas leasing plans for the Wayne National..."

LA Times:  Putting Scott Pruitt in Charge of the EPA Risks Irreversible Damage to the Planet   -   "As Oklahoma’s attorney general, Scott Pruitt has spent the last six years suing the federal Environmental Protection Agency over the extent of its authority, particularly its efforts to regulate the oil and gas industry and restrict coal-fired power plants. These industries belch out the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, yet Pruitt has led or been part of 14 lawsuits..."

Energy in Depth:  Report: Affordable Natural Gas Has Saved U.S. Businesses $76 Billion Since 2009   -   "The American Gas Association (AGA) released a new report today highlighting the importance of natural gas to the commercial sector of the U.S. economy. And most notably, the report finds that the abundant supply of affordable natural gas made possible by the shale revolution has nearly cut commercial sector natural gas utility bills..."

Forbes:  Fracking, Lower Gasoline Prices Returned $1,000 to Household Budgets Last Year   -   "Lower gasoline prices saved Americans more than $115 billion in 2016 compared to 2014, the American Automobile Association (AAA) reports. The findings illustrate how fracking has blessed us with low energy prices that improve Americans’ living standards and quality of life. AAA observes that the $115 billion equates to $550 per..."

The Intelligencer:  $4.3 Billion Rover Pipeline Approved   -   "The $4.3 billion Rover Pipeline system, portions of which will include 42-inch diameter conduit, will send Marcellus and Utica shale natural gas across Ohio because the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved the project. The system — portions of which will run through Tyler, Marshall, Hancock, Monroe, Belmont, Jefferson and Harrison counties — will be able to ship up to..."

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