Shale Continues to Pump Up Carroll County as Commissioners Set 2015 Budget

From the Times Reporter:
Carroll County commissioners approved a $27.19 million overall spending plan, which includes $8.82 million for the general fund. 
The county’s general fund appropriation is about $900,000 more than the $7.9 million spent from the general fund during 2014. 
“I think it is safe to say the gas and oil industry has definitely helped out our general fund,” county Commissioner Robert Wirkner said. “There was nobody (department head) that ended up being cut. It included a 3 percent pay increase for the general fund people (employees).” 
The general fund contributes to the operations of most county elected officials. Being a part of the Utica shale, Carroll County has attracted considerable exploration for oil and natural gas.
Read the whole article by clicking here. 

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