Landowners Ask County to Help in Fight to Reroute NEXUS Pipeline

From the Chronicle-Telegram:
A group of Lorain County landowners whose properties will be affected by the proposed NEXUS pipeline on Wednesday asked the county commissioners to back their efforts to reroute the natural gas pipeline. 
“The pipeline is a bad idea in so many ways,” said Richard Baumgartner, a Westlake resident who owns property in Grafton Township. 
He said the safe distance from structures should be close to 1,000 meters, but the pipeline’s route will be far closer to homes and businesses. 
The danger of an explosion, Baumgartner said, is small but would be catastrophic if it were to happen. He said the explosion of a 30-inch pipeline a few years ago killed several people, took 10 hours to extinguish and required a massive outpouring of firefighting resources to bring under control. 
“The result of a 42-inch gas pipeline explosion would be horrific,” Baumgartner said.
The property owners said they would prefer an energy corridor for the pipeline that puts it a safer distance from homes and other buildings.
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