Industry Responds to Activist Effort to Shut Down Ohio DNR's Injection Well Program

From Energy in Depth:
The Fresh Water Accountability Project announced this week that they have appealed to the U.S. EPA Region 5, urging the agency to revoke the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ (ODNR) Class II Underground Injection Control (UIC) program.  While they have not published the actual request, their press release borders on comical and inflammatory, with an alarming lack of knowledge regarding the oil and gas industry and the agencies who oversee them. 
This isn’t the first time FWAP has appealed to Region 5, either.  In their press release, the group details a similar request on March 5th, which shows this group isn’t interested in regulation at all, but rather stopping the industry from operating anywhere. 
“Please consider this to be the statutorily-required notice that the citizens of Ohio, a/k/a the victims of this sinister, politically compromised and profit-driven plot, are putting the USEPA on notice of potential toxic tort and substantial endangerment damages in which the federal government will share, owing to the agency’s conscious and indifferent approach to the damage to public health and the environment.” (emphasis added) 
Sinister? Yikes. 
With this group’s true position on oil and gas development and generally unpleasant disposition in hand, let’s now take a closer look at some of their more egregious claims.
You can read EID's look at some of the statements in FWAP's letter by clicking here.

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