EPA Official Leaves to Join Environmental Group

From the Washington Examiner:
An Environmental Protection Agency official has entered the revolving door of cronyism by leaving the federal government to become an executive at a prominent environmental group. 
Lisa Garcia, former associate assistant administrator for environmental justice at the EPA, will become Earthjustice’s new vice president of litigation for health — a position created just for Garcia. 
“In this role, Garcia will chart Earthjustice's course in groundbreaking and high-impact litigation to protect communities and families from the wide range of pollution issues that confront them on a daily basis,” the organization said in a press release. “Tens of thousands of Americans die every year because of dirty air; hundreds of thousands more land in hospital emergency rooms because of asthma attacks and respiratory disease.”
You can click here to read the entire article. 

Do the activist leanings of government officials in the EPA concern you?

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