Belmont County Treatment Facility Project Raises Questions

From Ohio Gas & Oil:
According to the Order, Energreen 360 LLC "operates a treatment facility located at the East Ohio Regional Industrial Park, Warren Township, Belmont County ("Energreen 360 Facility"). Energreen receives drill cuttings, processes the drill cuttings, and reuses the drill cuttings at the facility. Any drill cuttings that cannot be reused will be disposed of at a landfill."
The East Ohio Regional Industrial Park, located on State Route 800 North, is operated by the Belmont County Port Authority.
The order goes on to say, Division (B) (2) (a) of R.C. 1509.22 states, in pertinent part, that "On and after January 1, 2014, no person shall store, recycle, treat, process, or dispose of in this state bring or other waste substances associated with the exploration, development, well stimulation, production operations, or plugging of oil and gas resources without an order or a permit issued under this section or section 1509.06 or 1509.21 of the Revised Code or rules adopted under any of those sections."
According to the ODNR order, the application from EnerGreen requesting to operate the facility was received on December 27, 2013. In its application, EnerGreen supplied the Division with information and details regarding its operations.
Prior to the meeting, Barnesville resident Jill Hunkler gave Barnesville Council President Dale Bunting a copy of "Hydraulic Fracturing Radiological Concerns for Ohio fact sheet" prepared by the  Freshwater Accountability Project Ohio of Grand Rapids, Ohio.
Hunkler cited research on the potential hazards of waste from fracking done by herself and Beallsville resident John Morgan of Raven Rocks. Morgan is one of the parties to an appeal challenging the legality of the proposed site filed by the FWAPOH with the Ohio Gas and Oil Commission on February 13th.
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