Ohio Oil and Gas Association Holds Annual Winter Meeting

Several reports have shared details of the 67th annual winter meeting held by the Ohio Oil and Gas Association.

From the Akron Beacon Journal:
Oil production in Ohio grew from 4.9 million barrels in 2012 to 9.7 million 42-gallon barrels in 2013, according to MacKenzie’s estimate. 
Meanwhile, natural gas production climbed from about 83 billion cubic feet in 2012 to 203 billion cubic feet in 2013. 
The new data in the DeBrosse Report “should get people’s attention,” MacKenzie told the audience. “They got my attention.” 
There is growing evidence that Ohio really is “on the leading edge of a boom” in the Utica shale in eastern Ohio, he said. 
Ohio’s totals are still far behind the top natural gas states like Texas, Louisiana and Pennsylvania. 
MacKenzie’s estimates are the first numbers released on possible production totals from 2013, at a time when the Utica shale development is starting to take off.
Read that whole article here.

From Crain's Cleveland Business:
The gathering included 1,300 attendees who registered in advance and another 200 or so who showed up at the door, said OOGA spokesman Mike Chadsey. It also marked an uptick from the approximately 1,000 guests who registered for last year's event, as Chadsey and others at OOGA said their organization continues to grow with the state's shale gas industry.

“It was bigger this year than it was last year and it was bigger last year than it was the year before,” said Mike Eberhart, an OOGA member and a CPA specializing in oil and gas issues at the Canton accounting firm, Hall, Kistler and Co.

The number of exhibitors was also up, to 80 this year from about 60 last year, Chadsey said.
Read that whole article here. 

The OOGA also released The Debrosse Memorial Report: 2013 Oil and Gas Activity in Ohio.  Here it is:

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