Study Says Americans Don't Know Much About Fracking

From Via Meadia:
Americans don’t know much about fracking, apparently. That’s the takeaway from a recent study of their knowledge and opinions of the drilling technique. Researchers asked the 1,061 respondents what comes to mind when they hear the term hydraulic fracturing, and this is what they found (h/t Climate Central):
Fifty-eight percent [of respondents] specifically indicated that they did not know anything about the issue or responded with a statement that we considered irrelevant (such as “Battlestar Galactica”) or lacking speciļ¬c detail to determine its relevance (i.e. “breaking” or “cracking”).
That the majority of respondents didn’t know anything about fracking (or at least anything relevant) isn’t necessarily surprising, but it does say something about the debate surrounding it.
Read more of what that author has to say about the study by clicking here. 

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