Release Announces Water Recycling Facility in Carroll County

Press release:

SHERRODSVILLE, OH─Iron Eagle Enterprises, LLC, a Youngstown-based oilfield services provider, plans to open a water recycling terminal in Sherrodsville, OH,to serve oil and gas drillers operating in the area. The treatment operations will be managed by RETTEW Flowback Inc. (RFI), an engineering firm with offices in Canton that also provided site design and facility permitting. 
Scheduled to open in November, it will be the first third-party treatment facility permitted in the state. Iron Eagle will contract with drilling companies to provide the service. Mike McKenzie, Director of Operations, said the Iron Eagle facility already complies in advance with pending Ohio legislation pertaining to the proper disposal of oilfield wastewater. 
The facility will recycle wastewater created by oil and gas drilling operations in Carroll County.The wastewater will be treated first and filtered to remove contaminants.  Then the recycled water will behauled back to the producers to continue the cycle of drilling and stimulating wells (shale or conventional). 
“Recycling water is important to us and to our customers,” McKenzie said. “Our process is environmentally responsible, because it conserves water—our most valuable resource.” The facility will be able to treat 14,000 barrels of water per day; a barrel contains 42 gallons of water. 
Trucks will haul in dirty waters and haul out clean water in 24 hours. As an added service, Iron Eagle plans to wash out tankers onsite with specialized equipment to prevent cross contamination of dirty trucks and clean water. 
The recycling facility will process different types of water collected during the drilling process. Some can be flowback from the initial drilling and fracturing of a well. There also is brine collected from producing wells and rainwater or melted snow that collects at a drilling pad. RFI has built its reputation by working with a variety of oil and gas industry companies to treat all types of water, and its expertise will help the facility run smoothly. 
A major benefit of the recycling process is that it reduces concerns about safe treatment and disposal of wastewater from oil and gas drilling.The contaminants extracted from the recycled water will be transported safely to appropriate disposal sites. The service saves money for the drilling companies by reducing the amount of fresh water they must purchase for fracturing. Additionally, disposal fees don’t have to be paid at injection wells, where the wastewater is injected deep into the earth, and water transportation costs are reduced because this is a load-in/load-out facility. 
Iron Eagle plans to open more water recycling terminals in the future,depending on the level of demand. 
About Iron Eagle
With home offices at 4991 Belmont Ave., Youngstown, OH, Iron Eagle provides rentals of specialized equipment for all types of oilfield and industrial needs, and a wide range of special oilfield and industrial services, including bridge construction. The company has extensive construction and planning experience in all phases of the oil and gas business from site work through completion.  For more information, call 866-967-2760 or visit
About RFI
RFI is a sister company to engineering firm RETTEW, which is ranked 170 on Engineering News-Record’s 2013 list of top 500 design firms. RFI began providing water treatment services in 2010. Today RFI and RETTEW have close to 420 employees and 9 total offices located in Athens, Lancaster, Lehigh Valley, Mechanicsburg, Pittsburgh and Williamsport, PA.; Canton, OH; Delhi,NY; and Denver, CO. For more information on any of RFI’s services, please call 1-800-RETTEW-5 (1-800-738-8395) or visit

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