Morgan County Landowners Encouraged to Look at Carroll County's 550 Millionaires, Consider Shale Benefits

From the Morgan County Herald:
Penrose said the Utica shale industry has made 550 millionaires out of landowners in Carroll County since drilling has begun. Harrison County has about 80 new millionaires, too. He advised any Morgan Countians with an opportunity to move up in the tax brackets to obtain some professional financial help in planning for the future. Sudden wealth can be a mixed blessing with many benefits, but many challenges, too.

“One of the main purposes of the MCLG is to educate our landowners about the facts of oil and gas leasing and production, “Ponchak said. “We have many educational speakers talk to our group, such as Ohio Department of Natural Resources, tax and estate planning attorneys, OSU Extension Office, hydraulic fracturing companies, county engineer, Ohio Oil and Gas Association, and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.
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