Some Landowners Are Using Drilling to Prevent Drilling

Some landowners have a
plan to prevent fracking
From StateImpact Pennsylvania:
Some landowners who want to block fracking on their property are fighting drilling with drilling.
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports the “water well gambit,” drilling private water wells on sites slated for natural gas drilling, has been used for years, often by people and companies that don’t own the mineral rights to their properties. Mineral rights and surface rights are sold separatelyunder Pennsylvania state law.
The Post-Gazette tells the story of a Pittsburgh-based oil and gas company, the Baron Group, that was temporarily blocked by a surface owner in Westmoreland County using this tactic. Before natural gas drilling could begin, the landowner set up a trailer and had a water well drilled on the site, according to the Post-Gazette:
Read the rest of that article here. 

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