More Experts Chime In to Say That Utica Shale Play is Still Getting Going

From the Youngstown Vindicator:
To a layman, it might seem as though activity in Ohio’s Utica Shale play has all but slowed to a halting pace. 
The promise of a gold-rush-type scenario seems to be a distant memory across eastern Ohio when weighed against the hype of the play’s early days in 2009 and 2010 when landmen arrived from the south and helicopters, thumper trucks and towering rigs were still somewhat foreign or forgotten about as the state’s oil and gas industry was being reborn. 
The rig tours for Ohio media outlets have, for the most part, stopped, and the informational meetings that unfolded throughout small and large communities have shifted focus to inform the public of how pipelines and processing facilities will affect land and meet the demands of oil and gas that needs transported. 
What’s more, the land grab that saw far more than 1 million acres leased is nowhere near as intense or sustained as it once was. 
What seems like a dull roar, though, can’t be mistaken for inactivity.
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