Stark County Businesses Feeling Effects of Shale Boom

From the Canton Repository:
NORTH CANTON —  The possibility of finding oil and natural gas 6,500 feet below the surface in the Utica shale is bringing new businesses to Stark County and eastern Ohio.
Meanwhile, existing businesses are benefiting as the new businesses roll into town. Companies such as Chesapeake, which established its Ohio headquarters in Canton, are finding local businesses to provide a variety of services.
David C. Kaminski, director of energy and public affairs for the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce, said several companies have come to the area asking about space with the hope of opening local offices or facilities.
“There’s still a lot of shopping going on,” Kaminski said.
If the Utica shale evolves into the oil and natural gas producer some predict, the shoppers will be in offices within the coming year, which means new customers for local businesses.
The chamber already has conducted a seminar to help local companies that want to do business with the oil and gas industry. A second seminar is planned.
Kaminski believes local companies will prosper. “For some places, as the ripples in the pool extend, there’s going to be opportunity.”

Some locals already are seeing the opportunity.
Jackson Township-based SunPro has provided a variety of environmental, electrical and emergency services — often cleanups at older facilities or emergency response to fuel spills — since 1989. The company grew and expanded to locations in Pennsylvania, Indiana and Illinois.
When shale drilling began evolving in Pennsylvania and spread to Ohio, SunPro managers studied the business. SunPro already did some oil field work in Ohio and knew it provided services the oil and gas industry might need. The company decided to begin investing in new equipment and develop its oil field services.
“We see great benefits,” said Jim Kozak.
SunPro started by offering water hauling services. That opened the door for other business units, said Scott A. Wilson, an environmental engineer for remediation and director of operations.
SunPro now hauls fresh water, brine and flowback liquids, it offers field services and is available for emergency response. “We will try to do whatever we can,” Wilson said.
SunPro’s venture made it a direct vendor to Chesapeake. It also required SunPro to invest in new equipment, which has helped other area companies.
Pro Art Signs, on Shepler Church Avenue SW in Canton Township, has benefited because it makes and installs graphics and signs on SunPro’s new vehicles. Pro Art has other customers who have seen more business because of the oil and gas surge, said Mahlon Downard Sr., one of the business’ owners.
“You hear pros and cons, but so far for us it’s been a good thing,” Downard said of the Utica boom. So good, Pro Art might be adding employees soon in order to keep up.

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