"Muddy Boots Bring Money" - Tuscarawas County Gets Glimpse into Future

18 people from Tuscarawas County recently journeyed to Waynesburg, Pennsylvania to get a look at what the future holds for the area as the shale boom takes hold.

According to an article in The Times Reporter, they found out about the good and the bad that comes from the strong presence of the oil and gas industry in a community with similar demographics to their own.

The good:

  • People make excellent wages (automotive technicians in Greene County, Pennsylvania can make $85,000 a year)
  • The unemployment in Greene County has been below 7% throughout the Great Recession
  • Area businesses making more money
  • Of course, money for landowners

The bad:

  • Mud on the floors of local businesses
  • Difficulty finding enough automotive technicians to handle all of the work in the community
  • Housing shortages
  • Workers in the oil and gas industry work long hours

Check out the article to find out more about what lessons Greene County was able to share with Tuscarawas County.

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