Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another Gasland Claim Examined - What Really Happened to the Fish in Dunkard Creek

From the blog of John Hanger, former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection:
Gasland contains so many errors and false claims that it successfully injected into the public square that years of setting the record straight will be required.  Among Gasland's most successful falsehoods was that gas drilling caused a massive, horrific fish kill on Dunkard Creek, a beautiful waterway flowing from West Virginia into Pennsylvania.

Just this year, Rolling Stone Magazine and Bill McKibben for the New York Review of Books both repeated the Gasland claim that gas drilling caused the Dunkard Creek fish kill in 2009.   Never mind that state and federal agencies have stated that the fish kill was caused by an invasive species, an algae, that thrives in waters with high levels of total dissolved solids.  Never mind that the source of the high levels of total dissolved solids was mining discharges and not gas drilling.

The Gasland Dunkard Creek falsehood keeps marching on and is repeated by important people who should but may not know better.  But now, perhaps, the truth about Dunkard Creek is being rescued with the passage of time.

Don Hopey of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette wrote on Saturday, July 14th an important article that describes the truth of what is polluting still to this day Dunkard Creek.  Hopey's article has received far too little notice so far, but it destroys the claim by Gasland that gas drilling is what ails Dunkard Creek.
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  1. Outright lies like this make it impossible to accept any of the assertions of the film, or of Josh Fox. I'm sick of the hypocrisy of each side calling out the other for its bias, when the reality is that the bias of both sides is the biggest obstacle to all of us learning the truth about fracking's risks.