Monday, April 16, 2012

Buell Well Producing Oil & Gas, But Not Making Everyone Happy

The Buell well, located in Harrison County, is being heralded as a symbol of how great the potential of Ohio's Utica Shale play really could be.  It's the most productive well in any of the data released to date, yielding gas and oil at astonishing rates.

That doesn't mean that everyone is thrilled about the well.  One person in particular has some complaints:  Kenneth Buell, the man for whom it's named.

The Columbus Dispatch reports on the work that's gone into developing Ohio's most productive well site to date and why Buell feels he has been treated very poorly by Chesapeake.

“They closed a gate across (the land) and locked it and didn’t even have the consideration to send a letter or call to let me know how to unlock it so I could get access to my own property,” Buell said.

“They just did what they needed to do, and it was ‘too bad, so sad.’ ”

In addition to complaints about how Chesapeake has handled their business on his land, Buell also is miffed that he is receiving no compensation for the land lost to the development.

To find out more about Buell's situation and about the well site, check out the entire article.

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  1. Excellent article yet incomplete as always. I have stated this before- while I certainly think CHK needs to work with Mr. Buell over land access etc. I guarantee you Mr. Buell knew exactly what he was buying when he purchased this acreage many years ago. It is somewhat of bummer that he is not reaping any of the reward BUT he would have purchased the surface land dirt cheap with full disclosure of NEVER having any claim on mineral rights. This is NOT news to him. It's very common in Harrison County and other areas which have been extensively mined.