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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BP Comes to Trumbull County, Greeted by Protestors

Multiple outlets reported on British Petroleum's arrival in Trumbull County.  Company leaders hobnobbed with local and state officials on Monday and talked about their excitement to get in on the Utica and Point Pleasant Shale exploration.

As we mentioned previously in the blog, BP is leasing nearly 85,000 acres and investing $330 million in the area.  They will begin signing those leases on Tuesday, in the end inking about 2,000 agreements.

Not everyone was happy to see them arrive, however.

"They're here tonight to try and say, meet with politicians behind closed doors, and make everybody think that this is a great economic opportunity for the region. It's not a great economic opportunity. Fracking is going to create a boom and bust cycle of jobs. It's going to destroy local economies," said Jonathan Sidney of Ohio Fracktion, who was among protestors who gathered across from the Squaw Creek Country Club to give BP a not-so-friendly welcome to the area.

View a news video covering BP's arrival after the jump.

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