Source of Contamination Along Rover Pipeline Route Still Not Identified

From Kallanish Energy:
The source of a chemical contaminant found last February in drilling fluids along the Rover natural gas pipeline route in Ohio has “not yet been definitively identified,” Rover Pipeline said. 
Its assessment came in a new filing last week with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Kallanish Energy reports. 
Rover Pipeline, an Energy Transfer Partners company, hired engineering firm GHD to investigate the contamination reported along the Tuscarawas River in southern Stark County, where horizontal directional drilling was being used to route the pipeline under the river. 
The Ohio Environmental Agency found low levels of tetrachloroethene (PCE) and called for additional testing. GHD reported the drilling fluid will not leach PCE to impact groundwater at levels that would exceed Ohio standards. 
The PCE contamination was also not detected in the sediment, groundwater or surface water samples tested, Rover Pipeline told FERC. That may be due to regional flooding along the river and its tributaries that washed away contamination, the company added.
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