ETP Acknowledges That Rover Pipeline Won't Be Done on Schedule by End of 1st Quarter

From Seeking Alpha's transcript of Energy Transfer Partner's 4th quarter results earnings call:
Well, the newly approved, you got things that we're working on like Enable. We've got – we actually have some projects approved by our board that are not public yet and there's reasons for that around some tax abatements and things like that. But we've got a handful that we're in the process of completing. In that mix, just in the second quarter as everybody knows we're moving quickly on Red Bluff. We're finalizing Rebel II, bringing on next quarter. We're bringing on the Enable project out of Fort Worth Basin in the second quarter also. We're ramping up volumes and a little bit of cost around PE3. And then in the third quarter, we've got Frac V coming online. So there's just a lot of new projects that are in the works that are going to hit as we keep saying, they're all coming on kind of at the same time. We have – we're set up for a tremendous second quarter with those projects along with Rover fully on and along with Mariner fully on. We couldn't be more excited about getting to the end of the second quarter and bringing all these projects on.
Click here to read the transcript in its entirety.

ETP had been hoping, of course, to get the Rover project completed by the end of the 1st quarter.  It's not surprising with the delays from drilling being blocked by the FERC on multiple occasions and the continued pressure from the Ohio EPA that the end date has now been pushed back.

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