PA Anti-Drilling Protester Vera Scroggins is Bringing Her Act to Ohio

From Natural Gas Now:
Vera Scroggins is now moving her attention to Ohio where Cabot Oil & Gas is exploring new territory, but Ohioans need to know a few things about her. 
Vera Scroggins is the endearing “golden girl” of fractivist myth, lauded by those eager to treat her as the granny protester who takes on big oil. The truth, though, is a far different thing, which virtually everyone in Susquehanna County and environs knows all too well. Ohioans unfamiliar with Vera’s history can’t be expected to know much about her when she comments on fractivist Facebook posts and the like, but they need to learn quickly as she is already following Cabot Oil & Gas as that company looks to potentially expand its operations into Ashland, Holmes and Richland Counties there. They’ll be shocked when they dig into the matter; Vera Scroggins is no ordinary protester. 
Those who desire to get a quick first-hand look at the real Vera Scroggins might want to look at these videos of her confronting Phelim McAleer, creator of the excellent documentary FrackNation during a fractivist publicity stunt:Far from being a local concerned resident, these videos show an individual as removed from Ohioan manners and values as could ever be possible: a New Jersey transplant with a road rage personality. 
Vera Scroggins is, in fact, one of those folks from the 1960’s who simply refused to grow up.  She absolutely revels in being a perpetual teenager, seeking attention by being outrageous, as these messages (No.’s 952and 953) regarding her involvement in the naturist movement demonstrate.
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