Two Spills Have Occurred During Construction of Rover Pipeline

From The Columbus Dispatch:
Crews installing the Rover pipeline dumped an estimated 2 million gallons of drilling mud into two Ohio wetlands, according to a notice of violations filed with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. 
Once constructed, the $4.2 billion underground pipeline will run from Washington County in southeast Ohio northwest to Defiance and connect with pipelines to send Ohio natural gas to markets nationwide. 
The larger spill coated 500,000 square feet of a wetland adjacent to the Tuscarawas River in Northeast Ohio with as much as 2 million gallons of bentonite clay mud, which is used as a drilling lubricant. 
The drilling fluid is not toxic and won’t harmf the environment, Alexis Daniel, a spokeswoman for the Rover Pipeline, said in an email statement. 
The company has ceased operations at its Navarre-area site and constructed barriers to keep the mud from reaching the river while vacuum trucks and pumping systems continue cleanup efforts.
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