Beck Energy's Battle With Munroe Falls Continues

From Gas & Oil:
An oil and gas drilling company has dropped four counterclaims it has made against the city of Munroe Falls, but legal wrangling in the case concerning a well on the Sonoco paper mill property is not over. 
According to Summit County Court of Common Pleas records, Ravenna based Beck Energy dismissed its counterclaims, in which the company contended the city had violated its rights and was asking for unspecified damages, against the city on Feb. 1 in a declaratory judgment case filed by the city in May 2016. 
However, on Feb. 3, Beck Energy then filed a motion asking the court for sanctions against the city. The company is claiming that the court case is “frivolous” because it involves a question already dealt with by an earlier Ohio Supreme Court case. Beck is therefore asking the court to order the city to compensate it for “court costs, attorney fees, and other reasonable expenses” Beck is spending on the case. 
“They’re saying basically we’re re-litigating old business,” Munroe Falls Law Director Tom Kostoff told City Council Feb. 7.
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