Rover Pipeline Construction Moves Ahead Despite Landowner Opposition

Federal officials have issued their approvals, and construction of the 713-mile Rover Pipeline is set to begin. 
That means the steel pipe stacked on the grounds of the Republic Short Line railroad yard will begin disappearing as it's hauled to construction sites. 
Rover will have two 42-inch pipelines cutting across the state. The pipe was made in Greece and shipped to Cleveland, where it was hauled to the Massillon site — former locations for Republic Steel and Massillon Stainless facilities. Some of the pipe has been at the site since May 2015.
From NGI:
A group of around 250 landowners is accusing Rover Pipeline LLC of failing to consult with property owners before felling trees along the pipeline's proposed route, in violation of its FERC certificate. 
The landowners, represented by Goldman & Braunstein LLP, filed a motion with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Tuesday to enforce the Natural Gas Act (NGA) certificate the agency issued to Rover last month [CP15-93]. 
Specifically, the group accused Rover of violating its Agricultural Impact Mitigation Plan (AIMP) -- included in the project's final environmental impact statement -- in which the operator agreed to "consult with the landowner to determine if there are trees of commercial or other value" and to "allow the landowner the right to retain ownership of the trees with the disposition of the trees to be negotiated prior to the commencement of the land clearing."
And from WTOV 9 News:

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