Rover Pipeline Faces Problem with FERC After Demolishing Historical Building

From NGI:
As for Rover, the project could see a delay in final authorization from FERC after the company demolished a home eligible for the National Register of Historic Places without notifying the Commission, according to a brief by analysts at Genscape Inc. 
Genscape, citing correspondence between FERC and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP), said developers with Rover apparently purchased and demolished an historic home that was across the street from Rover’s proposed Mainline Compressor Station 1, meaning “Rover would have been required to add additional landscaping features to the station in order to preserve the viewshed from the house.” 
But the house apparently was demolished without FERC’s knowledge. 
“Rover’s defense for this,” Genscape wrote, “is that they had purchased the house for reasons unrelated to the Rover pipeline project (ostensibly for an affiliate to convert into offices), and only things directly related to the project needed to be communicated to the Commission...FERC, somewhat understandably, is not pleased at having been left out of the loop and with the destruction of a piece of national history, and has requested input from the ACHP on how to address the situation,” Genscape noted, suggesting the situation could mean a final decision from FERC might arrive later than it would have otherwise.
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