Bowling Green Council Weighs NEXUS Pipeline Offer

From The Blade:
Bowling Green city councilmen are expected to decide at their Dec. 5 meeting if they will accept Houston-based Spectra Energy’s offer of $151,000 for easement access the company needs on city-owned land in order to build the NEXUS Gas Transmission pipeline where it’s currently routed. 
Failing to do so would put Spectra into a position of deciding if it wants to reroute the pipeline, or attempt to gain access through eminent domain. The latter is a consideration to council members, who wonder if they’ll get as good of a deal if the city winds up in court. 
“It’s difficult to predict how the vote might go. It’s potentially the best deal the city could make out of this,” Council President Michael Aspacher said. “The pipeline is likely to go through whether we grant this easement or not.” 
Mr. Aspacher and Michael Marsh, city attorney, said the location is probably more important than the compensation. 
The city has worked out a deal for the pipeline to be laid along an electric utility corridor to minimize impact, they said.
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