Two More Ohio Oil and Gas Court Cases Resolved

From the Energy & Environmental Law Blog:
We have summarized two recent Ohio oil and gas cases that may be of interest to you. 
Mobberly v. Wade (7th Dist.) – Ohio’s Seventh District Court of Appeals granted summary judgment in favor of an oil and gas lessee in a lease forfeiture action. The lessor argued that the lease terminated due to lack of production from the lessor’s property. The lessor’s claim, in part, was based on the allegation that the lessee had commingled oil produced from the lessor’s land with oil produced from a neighboring property. The lessor also challenged the lease on the grounds that the lessee failed to file production statements with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and that the lessee purchased gas from the lessor for the lessee’s own use in violation of the lessee’s covenant to market. 
The court rejected the lessor’s claims and denied forfeiture.
To read more about this decision and also the decision in the Cooper v. EQT Prod. Co. case, just click right here.

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