01/14/16 Links of the Day: Halliburton Merger with Baker Hughes Fighting for Survival, How Low Will Oil Prices Go, and More

Marcellus Drilling News:  EIA Jan DPR: Marcellus Production Way Down Again, Utica Up   -   "Yesterday our favorite government agency, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), issued our favorite report, the Drilling Productivity Report (DPR). The January 2016 report shows what the EIA predicts oil and natural gas production will be in February from the seven largest commercial shale plays in the U.S. What does the report..."

ODNR:  New Suite of Well Logs Now Available from Survey Archives   -   "Continuing its efforts to make oil-and-gas well data available to the public, the Division of Geological Survey has released more than 1,850 newly scanned geophysical logs for oil-and-gas wells throughout the state. These logs are available as raster images (in TIF format) or as..."

Cato Institute:  Natural Gas Naysayers Have it All Wrong   -   "In promoting his State of the Union address, which he will deliver tonight, President Obama touts his climate-change policies and the recent Paris climate summit. In reality, neither will have any detectable influence on the climate. But his Clean Power Plan, a cornerstone of our Paris “commitment,” could go a long way toward derailing..."

CNBC:  Half of US Shale Drillers May Go Bankrupt: Oppenheimer's Gheit   -   "Half of U.S. shale oil producers could go bankrupt before the crude market reaches equilibrium, Fadel Gheit, said Monday. The senior oil and gas analyst at Oppenheimer & Co. said the "new normal oil price" could be 50 to 100 percent..."

Toledo Blade:  Natural Gas Prices Drop to Lowest Since ’96   -   "If you’re cold this month, don’t fear cranking the heat up just a tad more. You can afford it. Warmer weather and burgeoning stockpiles of natural gas have pushed prices this month down to their lowest point for gas this month of the year since 1996. “A 20-year low is just remarkable,” said..."

Powersource:  U.S. Oil Producers Remain Under-Hedged in 2016, BAML Says   -   "North American oil producers are still “under-hedged” on their 2016 crude and natural gas price exposures despite last minute deals at the end of last year to limit their risks, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said in a Jan. 8 report. Last June, the bank said that North American companies didn’t have 640 million barrels adequately hedged for 2016 relative to..."

European Commission:  Mergers: Commission opens in-depth investigation into acquisition of oilfield service provider Baker Hughes by Halliburton   -   "The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation to assess whether the proposed acquisition of oilfield service supplier Baker Hughes by rival Halliburton would impede effective competition in breach of the EU Merger Regulation. Both companies are US-based. Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition policy, said: "The Commission has to look..."

Seeking Alpha:  Halliburton Faces Protracted 'Groveling' for Merger Approval   -   "Halliburton (NYSE:HAL) has been practically groveling for approval of its Baker Hughes (NYSE:BHI) merger. The company has agreed to do anything, including selling assets beyond what is required by the DOJ. After missing a deadline to propose remedies to assuage the EU pursuant to the merger, Halliburton's groveling could become..."

Fuel Fix:  Oil Keeps Falling. And Falling. How Low Can it Go?   -   "The price of oil keeps falling. And falling. And falling. It has to stop somewhere, right? Even after trending down for a year and a half, U.S. crude has fallen another 17 percent since the start of the year and is now probing depths not seen since 2003. “All you can do is forecast direction, and the direction of price is still down,” says Larry Goldstein of the Energy Policy Research Foundation, who predicted a decline..."

Business Journal Daily:  Lawmakers Propose New Regs for Injection Wells   -   "Two state legislators from Trumbull County and another from Ashtabula County say a bill they’ve sponsored in the Ohio House of Representatives will strengthen safety regulations associated with Class II injection wells. State Reps. Sean O’Brien, D-Bazetta, Michael O’Brien, D-Warren, and John Patterson, D-Jefferson, say H.B. 422, if enacted, would sensibly..."

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