Carroll County Sets 2016 Budget Amid Oil and Gas Uncertainty

From The Repository:
Carroll County is setting aside $8.88 million for general fund expenses this year as county commissioners recently set their appropriations. 
The general fund appropriation for this year is $61,026 more than what county commissioners appropriated in 2015. 
“I don’t like to see the budget go up at all,” Commissioner Jeffrey Ohler said. “The less money we spend, the better. We like to see the revenue coming in. That doesn’t mean you always have to spend your income stream.” 
A major portion of the general fund provides money for county elected officials, such as the sheriff, treasurer, prosecutor and the commissioners. 
As a part of setting the county spending plan for the year, commissioners also approved $18.32 million for non-general fund appropriations. Included in this category are the county Job and Family Services and the county engineer functions. 
The total spending appropriations for Carroll County spending this year is $27.21 million. 
“This year, I think we will be OK,” Commissioner Thomas White said. “There is a concern that we may have to do due diligence next year. We are watching very closely what the oil and gas industry does. If they will rebound, we will be fine.”
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