Marietta Continues to Take Its Time Considering Lease of City Property

From Shale Play:
The single bid received by the city to lease mineral rights on two pieces of Marietta property was reviewed by members of council late last month during a meeting of council's lands, buildings and parks and finance committees. 
The bid, submitted by MNW Energy LLC, would give the city the option to earn more than $183,000 - $4,750 an acre - by leasing rights at Goose Run and at Gunlock Park between Lowe's and Wal-Mart. The city would also earn a 17.5 percent royalty on any earnings made over the five-year lease term, said city safety-service director Jonathan Hupp. 
City Councilman Steve Thomas, D-3rd ward, said he is supportive of leasing the rights. 
"I'm good with it. We need the money. And it's not going to be disturbing the ground," said Thomas. 
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