Anti-Drilling Activist Evasive When Questioned by FrackNation Producer, Then Attacks Him in Blog Post

Phelim McAleer, who directed and produced FrackNation, recently attempted to question former mayor of Dish, Texas Calvin Tillman, who is a prominent anti-drilling activist, about a study that he had commissioned a few years ago.  It's all explained in this video.

Although Tillman chose not to engage the discussion further with McAleer in the video above, he did choose to issue an angry response via his blog.
It finally happened on July 25, 2014 - I was doing a presentation in Santa Maria, CA, when the creepiest side of the oil and gas industry showed up at a presentation I was giving at the local library. This was of course the ethically challenged documentary film makerPhelim McAleer. Mr. McAleer did the false and misleading propaganda documentary Fracknation which was funded by the oil and gas industry. This film was funded to counter the award winning Gasland documentary, which showed the downside of oil and gas operations.

He has been harassing other people who have people who have been critical and outspoken of the practices of the oil and gas industry. However, Mr. McAleer represents a sick and distorted section of the population. This is the section of the population that is willing to lie and mislead and insights violence against those who disagree with his feeble thoughts. Although, it is clear that he has only a very limited number of supporters, those who do follow him are either unable or unwilling to have an independent thought on their own, which makes them particularly dangerous because they blindly follow his lies, and attack those he attacks.

For years now, I have questioned Mr. McAleer's true motivations, and if you watch how he does his "interviews", you will see that he is not a legitimate journalist, but rather a drive by journalist who attempts to put words in your mouth and have you agree with them. He continues to ask the same question over and over hoping that you will say something that he can take out of context and use against you. If that does not work, he will just make up something and start saying that you said it. When you politely move away from him, he gets very pushy to the point of bordering on physically touching his foes. In this particular instance Mr. McAleer was pushing elderly women out of his way to get to me. Rather than attempt to perform a legitimate interview, he pushes it to the point that it becomes an attack. He then chases you down until it borders stalking and becomes creepy. He acts as though it is your fault that he makes industry funded movies that nobody wants to watch.

I knew this, but to this point it appeared to me that McAleer had went out of his way to avoid me, and I still believe his is afraid to have an honest debate with me. Therefore, I did not back away from him when he approached me and legitimately attempted to have an honest discussion with him. However, it quickly became clear that Mr. McAleer was not there to have an honest discussion, but rather more baseless attacks and shouting lies that are meant to spread more of his vile and misleading misinformation.

Since first daring to speak out about the business practices, I have been attacked by the oil and gas industry hacks. However, one particular sick and twisted thing Mr. McAleer does is try to get a reaction by attacking my children. He appears to have no moral compass that guides him through his interviews. It is no secret that my family moved from DISH out of concerns for our children's health. Mr. McAleer uses this point to attack my children and will go as far as accusing me of telling people that my children have leukemia, which is a complete and fabricated lie, not to mention a very sickening thing for someone to say. Unfortunately, I simply do not have patience for those who attack my family. Mr. McAleer does not have children, which is likely his greatest gift to society, and therefore can not understand the emotions of having a child and wanting to protect them from harm.
Just another day in the fight over fracking.

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