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Friday, July 5, 2013

Town in New York Bans All Transfer of Natural Gas in its Limits

From the Center for Health, Environment & Justice:
The Niles Town board has unanimously approved a local law to place a permanent ban on the drilling, storage, transfer and/or treatment of natural gas within town lines.
Town councilors unanimously approved the ban during the town meeting on Thursday, June 13. This vote comes amid the statewide moratorium on natural gas drilling, also known as hydrofracking, that was put into place by the state March 7, 2013.
Read the rest here.

As Marcellus Drilling News points out, the wording of this law could create some interesting problems for the residents of Niles if it is enforced in a non-discriminatory way.  Gas moving through pipelines from the supply company to people's homes is being transferred within town lines, is it not?  Someone who takes a gas tank to get it refilled and then brings it home to fire up the grill is transferring gas too, right?  I hope everyone in Niles has a woodburner or something to heat their homes with this winter, because things could get awfully cold without one.

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