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Friday, July 26, 2013

Muskingum County Landowner Group Enlisting Help of Commissioners As They Hold Out for Big Lease Money

From the Zanesville Times Recorder:
There’s strength in numbers, and a local landowner group is hoping the Muskingum County Commissioners remember that and won’t undercut the group’s position on what a fair lease price should be, if and when energy developers start asking about county-owned land. 
Representatives from the Utica Landowners Group of Coshocton and Muskingum counties, which has hundreds of members in each county and about 90,000 acres of potentially oil-rich land enrolled, said they have joined together with a common cause: get the most bang for their acreage buck from energy companies, without the need for attorney fees. 
That position stands at $5,000 an acre and no less than 20 percent royalty, although landowners in the group don’t have to commit to that.
Read more about this story here. 

An interesting aspect:  the part about not needing attorney fees.  As Marcellus Drilling News notes, that sounds like a really bad idea if it means they aren't going to use a lawyer at all in negotiating their lease.  The companies they're dealing with are surely going to use their attorneys.

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