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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Links for 7/18/13: Celebs Against Fracking, Gasland Under Fire (and Not Just From the Oil & Gas Industry), and More

Bloomberg:  Interior Chief Defends Federal Fracking Regulations

The Benshi:  Josh Fox and Fracking:  Beware the Simple Storyteller

Natural Gas Now:  The Green Party 1% and Its Fantasy Energy Policy

The Energy Collective:  Greens Should Support Coal-Killing Natural Gas, Like They Used To

Fuel Fix:  "Celebrities Against Fracking?" Please...

The Hill's Congress Blog:  If confirmed, McCarthy should avoid pitfalls of past at EPA

Natural Gas Now:  Gasland Part II Funding Helps Show Fox's Big Money Connections

Business Journal Daily:  Next Pipeline Phase Begins for Hickory Bend Project

Antero Resources press release:  Antero Resources Announces Increase in Lender Commitments to $1.45 Billion

Common Resources:  Gasland II: Not Truthland

WFAA News:  Records show drilling operation violated law while water wells contaminated

Energy Tomorrow:  EPA Should Withdraw Pavillion Report and Data

The Coloradoan:  Fracking critics scaring public, driving up home heating costs, say energy summit speakers

Forbes:  As Fracking Rises, Peak Oil Theory Slowly Dies

Energy in Depth:  About That 35 Percent "Leakage" Claim (another article debunking Josh Fox)

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