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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Josh Fox: Industry Tactics Against Gasland "Utterly Reprehensible"

From HBO Connect:

  • Q

    How are the oil and gas companies reacting to Gasland and Gasland Part II?
    Josh Fox says:
    The attempts to fight both films by the oil and gas industry have been constant and aggressive over the last three years. The attacks take on many many forms, some of them quite obvious others which are more sneaky. But the Oil and Gas industry has myriad tentacles- they publish stories in blogs, newspapers and magazines which are entirely untrue- to establish a base of a false argument that they then repeat over and over and over again. This is happening right now with GASLAND PART II- they are alleging that the key scene where Steve Lipsky lights his garden hose on fire is a fake and that the hose was hooked up to a gas line, which is totally untrue. The hose was hooked up to the top of his water well. His water is flammable. His water well spews gas from a nearby gas well that was drilled horizontally directly under his house. But these tactics create an atmosphere of doubt around the subject and undermine the reporting on the issue. It's extremely dishonest, fraudulent behavior, manipulative in every way and utterly reprehensible. But for people who don't know the facts, it is confusing and doesn't seem as if it is straight manipulation. That's what's so dangerous, the constant attacks on the film create the perception that the film is suspect, which it isn't. The industry also resorts to ad hominem attacks, making fun of my glases for example, it's really like dealing with an 8th grade bully. That stuff doesn't bother me so much, but I do wish they'd just come clean and deal with their problems in a way that good citizenship and strong values would dictate. Instead it is attack attack, deny deny and spread lots of money around, influencing our political system and the media.

Read more from this q&a with Fox here.

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